Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, Digital Refugees

Marc Prensky coined the terms Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants, but this week I felt like a Digital Refugee. I spent time moving and setting up a new bog site because the government here blocked this blog. (I’ll avoid using the county’s name in case some bot trolls through sites looking for it. I don’t know how decisions are made to block sites.) This blog wasn’t blocked per se but the domain was.

While attending EARCOS a couple of weeks ago, Jeff Utecht had tipped me off that had been blocked. I logged on from Thailand and exported my site to my hard drive. I was thankful upon return to find my blog wasn’t blocked. Unfortunately, within a week it was.

I spent a couple of nights this week setting up a new site at Thanks to WordPress’ ability to export and import files it wasn’t hard. It was just a pain in the neck.

Surprisingly, yesterday I checked my edublogs site and found it accessible so I guess I’ll continue using it. I don’t know how long it will be accessible so I’ll keep the blogsavy site too. If you find this site hasn’t been update in a while, check the blogsavy site. I may be there claiming refugee status.

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